Halo: Reach Hits $200 Million On Day 1

Posted Sep 16, 2010

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) has struck gold with the latest Xbox 360 title Halo: Reach. The fifth title in the Halo series will be the last made by the original team. Bungie will be handling future Halo games going forward. Critics have called the latest Halo version the best in the series.

The game had leaked a few weeks ago, but Microsoft did not panic because it was difficult to get the leaked game to work on the console. Plus the multiplayer capabilities did not work on the leaked copy.

Halo: Reach was so popular that it made over $200 million on the game’s opening day. Fast Company compared the game’s opening day with the movies Avatar and Toy Story 3. Avatar made $27 million on opening day and Toy Store 3 made $41 million.

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