Hans Olsen Uses WoW Skills To Avoid Real-Life Moose Attack

Posted Jun 9, 2010

Hans Olsen is a 12 year old Norwegian boy that used his skills from World of Warcraft to avoid a moose attack. Hans and his sister was going for a walk but accidentally trespassed into moose territory. Right when the moose was about to attack Hans and his sister, the Norwegian boy used the “taunting” Warcraft technique so that the moose would leave his sister alone and run to safety.

“Taunting” is a way to get monsters off of the less armored team members. But the next issue was that the moose was now targeting only Hans. The next skill Hans remembered was to use the “feigning death” technique from Warcraft level 30. The boy pretended he was completely dead. After that the moose became uninterested in the boy and wandered off back into the woods. I think Blizzard Entertainment should hire Hans as a Warcraft advocate.

[Next Nature]