The HAPIfork Monitors How Quickly You Eat, Helps You Lose Weight

Posted Jan 30, 2013

HAPIfork is a product that was created by the team at HAPILabs.  The HAPIfork is a “smart fork” that was designed to help you lose weight by making you eat slower.  The HAPIfork monitors the exact time that you start and end your meal.  It also tracks the amount of servings you have per minute and how long it takes you to eat each serving.

The HAPIfork learns how fast you are eating by monitoring it’s own movement.  If you are eating too fast, then it will gently vibrate.

After you finish your meal, theHAPIfork shows you a dashboard of data using Bluetooth or by connecting to your computer through USB.  

HAPIfork is going to be hitting Kickstarter for some crowd-funding actino this March.  They plan to launch in the United States in April 2013.

[Source: Mashable]