Happy 25th Birthday Tetris, Here’s 25 Parody Videos

Posted Jun 8, 2009

Last week Tetris turned 25 years old. The game was created by Russian designer Alexey Pajitnov on June 6, 1984. Over 125 million copies of the game has been sold across 50 platforms. Tetris broke the Guinness World Records for having the most versions of a single videogame. In celebration of the game’s birthday, I have compiled a countdown of 25 of the greatest Tetris spoof videos. The ranking is in no particular order.

25. Japanese game show.

24. Tetris prank on Japanese guy.

23. Tetris piece attempts to fit into society (by the Mega64 crew).

22. Tetris The Movie Trailer by Black20 Trailer Park.

21. Tetris Ninjas at Anime event in Boston.

20. Tetris theme played on bottles.

19. Russian kids recreate the game using dorm lights.

18. Kid plays Tetris theme on church organ after sermon is given.

17. Doctor Spin created a rave version of the Tetris theme.

16. Another Tetris building rendition.

15. Honda Commercial based on Tetris.

14. Family Guy Tetris — Peter Griffin screws up.

15. Tetris cosplay at Anime Expo 2008.

14. Tetris being played on the accordion.

13. Video game pianist Martin Leung plays Tetris theme.

12. The Man Who Throws the Tetris Piece.

11. Orchesta playing Tetris with the game in the background.

10. Tony and Josh playing Tetris on the viola and viola.

9. LEGO Tetris.

8. Tetris using Desktop icons.

7. Human Tetris on Ellen’s show.

6. Otakon 2008 Tetris Skit Agents of Cosplay.

5. Tetris being played on the ukelele.

4. Tetris on a waffle.

3. Tetris wedding cake.

2. Tetris being played on a wedding cake.

1. Tetris theme played on a trumpet.