Happy New Years / Explanation Of The New Pulse 2.0 Look

Posted Dec 31, 2007

Currently there are three individuals involved with Pulse 2.0.  Amit Chowdhry, Mo Kakwan, and Shan Sadiq.  We’ve pretty much been a team and worked with each other on various web projects since 1999.  We spent 3-4 hours yesterday planning on how we should give Pulse2.com a new look.

First thing we knew is that we wanted it to be simple and unique from other existing technology blogs with a major focus on content.   The white background and the navigation at the very top symbolized the simplicity of the new look.  One of the unique aspects of the site is that we’ve dropped the author title for each blog post.  This is because that we figure that it doesn’t matter who wrote the article, what matters is the content! 

When we read an article from TechCrunch or GigaOm or Mashable or Profy or ReadWriteWeb or paidContent, we just care about the information that is on each blog post and don’t pay much attention to who actually wrote the article.  This is the same case for the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal.  The name is always there.  We decided that we want to make a goal for 2008 to increase the amount of content on Pulse 2.0.

Shan is very skilled at using AJAX, JavaScript, MySQL and other web technologies and he wants to use his knowledge to create some sort of free flow of information within Pulse 2.0 by putting sample scripts.  We hope to fully deploy this feature shortly. 

The logo change is currently just a placeholder for now.  We may change it within a couple weeks.  And lastly, we encourage any feedback that you may have.  Thanks for reading and have a great year!