Hark! Is Challenging Meebo Through Web-Based Toolbar

Posted Sep 22, 2009

Hark! is a browser plug-in that focuses on sharing content online using a web-based toolbar. Hark! is in real-time by having an integrated chat-room and instant messaging system that allows simultaneously connected users to share content.

The founders of Hark! acknowledged that there are plenty of link sharing services, but when it comes to sharing links from websites, there isn’t a solid way to pull it off. Twitter and e-mail is supposedly a hassle.

When you find content that is interesting, you can “flare” it on the Hark! plugin. This sends out a small notice to your Hark! friends that you found something noteworthy.

Chat software Meebo.com has already implemented similar technology. The Meebo web-based toolbar allows anyone using the Meebo service to share content in real-time too. Meebo also connects to multiple IM networks whereas convincing users to sign up for Hark! will be challenging. Hark! launched at the TechCrunch50 conference.