Harlem Shake On A Plane Surges Past 2.5 Million Views

Posted Mar 2, 2013

The original Harlem Shake dance shot past 27 million views.  After that video went viral, we saw cats, puppies, the Google staff, the Facebook staff, The Daily Show staff, The Colbert Show staff, and the Sea World staff do the Harlem Shake.  Now you will see the Harlem Shake taking place on a plane.  The Federal Aviation Administration was not too thrilled to see this video that took place on Frontier Airlines Flight 157.  “I hate to be a bureaucratic kill-joy ? I think there is a safety issue here. Turbulence injuries are the most common type of injuries, and they are virtually eliminated when people are in their seat belts,” said Steve Wallace, the former FAA Office of Accident Investigation in a statement to CNN.  The Harlem Shake plane video has surged past 2.5 million views on YouTube.  Below is the video: