Hasn’t This Lady Watched The Whole Nine Yards?

Posted Aug 11, 2009

A video has been captured and uploaded on YouTube of Dalia Dippolito. The police told Dippolito that her husband had just been killed by a hitman. But here’s the twist: her husband was never actually killed and it was Dippolito herself that called the hitman. Unfortunately for her the hitman was actually an undercover police officer in Boyton Beach, Florida.

The video above shows Dippolito acting that she is sad to hear the news. The police had even set up a fake crime scene around her house. The video that was uploaded on YouTube and will be used against her as evidence when she stands for trial to commit first degree murder.

Before the police taped up her townhome, Dippolito met with the supposed hitman and gave a down payment of $1,200. That would cover the cost of a handgun. Her alibi was that she was going to get her hair done in Boca Raton as an alibi for being away from the house when it all goes down. Dippolito said she would pay $3,000 to follow through with the murder.

When the police officer (hitman) asked her if she was sure, she said “I?m not going to change my mind. I am 5,000% sure I want it done. When I set my mind to something, I get it done.”

Dippolito was brought in to the police station after hearing the news from the police officers that her husband was dead, but to her surprise she found out that her husband Michael was alive in the room next door.

This whole situation reminded me of the movie The Whole Nine Yards. In that movie, Bruce Willis played an experienced hitman and Matthew Perry played a dentist. Matthew Perry’s wife in the movie hired Willis to do a hit on Perry, but (spoiler alert), they became friends instead. In this case, the hitman probably won’t become Dippolito’s friend.

[via Mashable]