Hasso Plattner Selling $155 Million Worth Of SAP Shares

Posted Dec 1, 2012

SAP’s stock price is at an all-time high right now at about $78.  SAP is growing in the enterprise software space despite intense competition with Oracle, Salesforce, Google, and Microsoft.    SAP’s in-memory database service Hana has become the fastest-growing product in SAP’s history.

To capitalize on SAP’s high stock price, the company’s co-founder and chairman Hasso Plattner is selling around $155 million worth of stake.  However he wants to make sure that he does not flood the market with his shares and lower the price.  He will be selling around $13 million per month until the whole bath is sold.

Plattner is SAP’s largest shareholder with a stake of just under 10% of the company.  Before this stock sale takes place, Plattner held around 121.49 million shares that are worth around $9 billion.