HBO Launches Video Clip Website

Posted Jul 7, 2009

Considering all the attention that cable TV shows are getting from being available on Hulu and YouTube, HBO programs are sometimes forgotten about.  But now HBO has lauched a new website called which features video clips from all of the seasons of HBO’s TV shows such as Entourage and Curb Your Enthusiasm.

The clips are short enough in length so that it does not take away from the show and psychologically makes the consumer want to buy the DVD to relive those moments in the show.  Around the clips are links to BarnesAndNoble and iTunes for those specific episodes.

?We?ve assembled an impressive group of comedy clips and a variety of fun ways for consumers to sample and enjoy these terrific HBO shows before committing to a purchase,? stated HBO VP of Marketing Meredith Ketchum.

One of the mistakes that ComedyFetish makes right off the bat is the ability to embed these videos on to other websites.  How else will the content spread and traffic grow on their website?

[via VideoBusiness]