Hearst Has Around 800,000 Digital Subscribers Across Content Network

Posted Jan 2, 2013

Hearst Corporation, the parent company of publications like Car & Driver, Cosmopolitan, Elle, and Car & Driver, claims to have around 800,000 paying digital subscribers.  These numbers were announced in a letter to employees at the company by Hearst President David Carey.  This figure includes monthly subscribers across all of their titles on iPads, Nooks, Androids, etc.  Mr. Carey claims that this figure is “the highest in the industry.”

Of this figure, over 80% of the subscribers are new to Hearst.  Conde Nast has around 500,000 digital subscribers and The New York Times reported around 592,000 digital subscribers in October 2012.  Time Inc. and Meredith do not reveal their numbers.  Hearst’s website traffic grew over 30% in 2012.

In terms of a social media following, Hearst’s brands have 7.7 million Facebook Fans, 4.7 million Twitter followers, and 5.5 million Pinterest followers.  The number one brand that Hearst has on Pinterest is Harper’s Bazaar.  Cosmo’s digital edit team staff doubled in December too.

[Source: Mashable]