Heartland Robotics Raises $7 Million From Bezos, Xconomy And Mass High Tech

Posted Aug 24, 2009

Amazon.com founder and CEO Jeff Bezos, Xconomy, and  Mass High Tech has invested $7 million into Heartland Robotics.  Heartland is a robotics company that is currently in stealth-mode and is based in Cambridge, Mass.

Heartland describes themselves as “combining the power of computers — embodied in robots — and the extraordinary intelligence of the American workforce, to increase productivity and revitalize manufacturing.”  The company will be unveiling their products in the next several months.

One of the reasons why Bezos himself may be interested in robotics is because of the way that Amazon.com utilizes robotics within their distribution and fulfillment centers.  Zappos.com, a company that Amazon.com recently acquired has a massive distribution center in Louisville, Kentucky.

One of the co-founders in Heartland includes Rodney Brooks.  Brooks is a professor in robotics at M.I.T. and also previously founded iRobot.