“Henri 2, Paw De Deux” Wins Golden Kitty Award At Walker Art Center’s Internet Cat Video Festival

Posted Sep 5, 2012

We all know that cat videos see are very popular on YouTube.  Last Thursday the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota hosted the Internet Cat Video Film Festival.  About 10,000 people showed up to the event, which was more than double what the event organizers expected.

Katie Hill, a 28 year old program associate at the museum, came up with the idea for the cat video film festival as a joke initially.  In the spring, execs at the museum believed that the idea would be a good fit with the museum’s Open Field initiative, which encourages free experimental public programming on the lawn.

Submissions were crowd-sourced and 10,000 videos from around the world were nominated.  Katie Hill watched every one of those videos and worked with a jury of over a dozen colleagues to help narrow down the options to 79 videos that were shown across 75 minutes on Thursday.  Some of the videos were just a few seconds long.  Hill was jokingly called Walker’s “crazy cat lady in residence.”

?I learned that cats have agents,? said Hill after she was contacted by representatives of Keyboard Cat and Nyan Cat.  The agent wanted his clients flown to the festival.  ?I was, like, ?This isn?t actually like a Hollywood film festival.??

The film festival was grouped into categories like documentary, art house, foreign, lifetime achievement, etc.

Henri 2: Paw de Deux won the The Golden Kitty award at the Walker Art Center.  It was given to Will Braden.  ?This goes to show that the shared love of cat videos isn?t just a virtual thing, isn?t just a matter of a few clicks, but actually something people can share in real life,? stated Braden.  ?I think this legitimizes it.?

Henri 2, Paw de Deux

You can view the entire playlist on the Walker Art Center?s YouTube channel here.  Below is a list of the nominated videos as posted on the Walker Art Center blog:

01 Animal Planet?s My Cat From Hell Spot, by Animal Planet
02 I want?, by AnimalHumaneSociety, 1,131 views
03 Lucy Films, by LaborCamp, 59 views

04 Patty Cake Cats, by Seth Miller, 1,918,566 views
05 Gary?s Disgusted, by ClintWeiler, 208,809 views
06  Talking Cat, by cutefurrytales, 1,169,672 views
07 Cat Acts Like Dog, by TushiRIT, 4,730,264 views
08 Cat Barks Like Dog, by noobdaily, 12,353,002 views
09 Nom Nom Nom Cat, by k1pperiz, 2,295,511 views
10 Cat Meowing Weird, by Takahura, 62,885 views
11 Cats Scream Yawns, by theindiemachines, 1,594,712 views
12 Cat Burp, by iveftfirecracker, 82 views
13 Underwater Treadmill Cat, by neosurrealist, 14,074 views
14 Cat Shower, by HolaKenty, 4,229,367 views
15 Cat Alarm Clock, by GarrulousCrap, 3,588,978 views
16 Why Won?t He Wake Up? , by Mitone Cooke 2,110,375 views
17 Peek-A-Boo Suitcase Cat, by cmbt89, 748,798 views
18 Yes Cats, by Gattacapa, 924,324 views
19 Kittens Dancing, by tariqwahl, 3,854,459 views
20 Kitten Freak Out, by 100disks, 2,496,196 views
21 Kittens Riding Vacuum, by melodyparris, 4,113,033 views
22 Kitten Train, by SpaceyStacy88, 10,349 views
23 Kitten Pounce on Dog, by pratvids, 5,040 views
24 Kitten Can?t Jump, by RoAsTLevin, 3,497,251 views

25 Kitten vs. Two Scary Things, by ignoramusky, 6,303,007 views
26 Stalking Cat, by lowdope, 35,253,296 views
27 Cat vs Cat Balloon, by CarlyandRobert, 2,367,946 views
28 Dramatic Cat ? Orchestral, by John Pickup, 815,641 views
29 WTF Kitty, by DidHEDiedChannel, 11,583,199 views
30 The OMG Cat, by Davincipop, 18,667,503 views
31 Persian on Bed, by akkitom1, 67,276 views
32 Banana Security, by richfofo, 456,968 views
33 White Cat on Two Legs, by crazystuff103, 4,628,499 views
34 Orange Cat Gone, by teakdc, 15,735,776 views
35 Angry Cobra Cat, by shoutitallloud, 3,773,970 views
36 Serious SOS Cat, by DogsAnimalsCats, 2,320,911 views
37 Little Cat Provokes Big Cat, by phunit, 14,364 views
38 Cat Jump Fail, by FiatVeronica, 314,291 views

39 Kittens in Bowls, by lpoleschtschuk, 7,393 views
40 Gatonovela, by flix, 232,767 views
41 Les Chats Ninjas, by faireset2, 2,602,589 views
42 I am Maru 4, by mugumogu, 2,186,374 views
43 Happy Birthday Cat, by tomomama3, 1,004,013 views
44 Les Vieux Cons, by faireset2, 595,277 views
45 Cat Scratches Butt, by xanaduvista, 618,856 views

46 Simon?s Cat, by simonscat, 36,248,487 views
47 Sushi Cats, by TandNPeanuts, 83 views
48 Welcome to Kitty City, by cyriak, 3,427,952 views
49 Boots and Cats, by AfferatteDesign, 1,208,071 views

50 Catvertising, by johnst172, 1,842,399 views
51 Space Cats, by andyfreeberg, 212,503 views
52 Engineer?s Guide, by klusmanp, 5,778,851 views
53 100 Ways to Love a Cat, by travisandjonathan, 277,043 views
54 Facts on Cats, by richfofo, 107,148 views
55 Cat Show Trailer, by Madden Meiners, 101 views

56 Montage of Assorted Cute Kitties (not available on YouTube playlist)

57 The Internet is Made of Cats, by rathergoodstuff, 880,646 views
58 Nora, the Piano Cat, the Sequel, by burnellyow, 8,109,044 views
59 Kitty Cat Dance, by steveibsen, 3,435,178 views
60 Island Kitty, by jordan9148, 47 views
61 Trololo Cat, by thetoaster2006, 1,906,670 views
62 Catsik ft. Exkitten ? Swagga, by KrashOPS, 604,064 views
63 Live PopTart Nyan Cat, by BradJohnsen, 487,763 views
64 Sky Mall Kitties, by ninakatchadourian, 80,811 views

65 Cory Arcangel, by coryarcangel, 76,802 views
66 Noodle Cup Heads, by shironekoshiro, 55,804 views
67 Slow Motion Kitten, by mundomudado2010, 43,042 views
68 Purring Face, by dangerbird64, 71 views
69 Cat Puke, by slaveclothes, 28 views

70 Kittens Inspired by Kittens, by blakekelly0, 16,307,592 views
71 Surprised Kitty, by rozzzafly, 64,754,627 views
72 Keyboard Cat, by chuckieart, 26,295,021 views

PEOPLE?S CHOICE (in alphabetical order)
73 Cat Mom Hugs Baby Kitten, by dragomirnet86, 47,665,611 views
74 Dubstep Cat, by xga66erx , 1,158,885 views
75 Henri 2, Paw de Deux, by WillBraden, 3,216,625 views
76 Maru Slides into Boxes, by mugumogu, 14,298,886 views
77 Nonono Cat, by MrDron059, 7,957,170 views
78 Nyan Cat, by saraj00n, 83,222,478 views
79 Two Talking Cats, by TheCatsPyjaaaamas, 50,792,975 views

*view counts reflect the number of YouTube views of each video at the time of nomination
**video creators are credited by their YouTube username