Hewlett Packard May Sue General Motors

Posted Dec 27, 2012

Hewlett Packard wants to find out why many former employees conducted a mass exodus from the company to join General Motors’ new technology center in Austin, Texas.  Hewlett Packard requested to depose two of their workers after 18 of them had suddenly resigned without notice to work at GM.  GM’s technology center will be fully operational by January.

The petition was filed on December 21st in the Travis County District Court.  Two HP workers named Gregg Hansen and Todd MacKenzie was listed in the petition.  HP has been a contractor for GM for a long period of time until the automaker started to build their own IT systems.

The workers that moved over to GM may be in violation of their confidentiality and non-solicitation agreements and HP suspects that the mass exodus of the employees is not a coincidence.  It is unclear whether HP will be suing the 18 workers that moved over to GM.

Hansen is a former director of information technology III that left HP with 6 workers that reported directly to him. MacKenzie is a former director of information technology I at HP that departed the company with 3 employees that reported to him.

HP is expecting that GM will continue poaching their employees.  This past October, GM disclosed plans to hire 3,000 HP employees that are already working with the car company.  HP is losing a $600 million annual services contract with GM that they inherited after acquiring EDS for $13.9 billion in 2008.

[Source: Austin Business Journal]