Hewlett Packard Prefers To Spin Off PC Unit

Posted Aug 30, 2011

Hewlett-Packard Company (Public, NYSE:HPQ) has indicated that they prefer to spin off their PC division and they are currently looking into what the implications will be by doing so. HP shocked their investors when they announced that they are considering alternatives for their Personal Systems Group, which includes their PC hardware division. They also plan to kill of their new tablet computer.

“We prefer a spin-off as a separate company and the working hypotheses is that a spin-off will be in the best interests of HP’s shareholders, customers and employees,” stated a HP spokeswoman. “However, we have to complete the diligence process and validate this assumption, including fully understanding the dis-synergies in separating the PSG business from HP.” HP is considering spinning off their PC division into a separate company through a sale or a spin-off. This whole process could take 12-18 months.