High School Blogger Mark Gurman Is Great At Cracking Apple News

Posted Jun 13, 2012

Before the iPhone 4 was released, one of the prototypes was left at a bar.  It was then sold to Gawker Media and written about in Gizmodo.  As a result, Gawker Media saw their traffic shoot up since that article received millions of hits in a single day.  Breaking news about Apple is a big business, especially because the company is extremely secretive about product releases.  One of the top blogs for breaking Apple news is 9to5Mac.com and one of their leading writers is a high schooler named Mark Gurman (pictured above).  Gurman goes to high school in L.A. and he writes on the side for 9to5Mac.

Fortune put together a list of articles that Gurman posted over the past month before WWDC and listed which ones were correct.  Below is the list:

May 11: iCloud beta website reveals plans for Notes and Reminders web apps, affirms iOS 6 beta coming soon CORRECT

May 11: iOS 6: Apple drops Google Maps, debuts in-house ‘Maps’ with incredible 3D mode CORRECT

May 14: Apple readies revamped 15-inch MacBook Pro: Retina Display, ultra-thin design, and super-fast USB 3 CORRECT

May 15: Apple also working on MacBook Airs and iMacs with Retina Displays TO BE DETERMINED

June 4: Facebook in iOS 6: Integration is system-wide, ‘Liking’ of App Store apps present CORRECT

June 4: Apple to bring full Siri voice-assistant to the iPad with iOS 6: mockup and details CORRECT

June 4: Apple to update most of its Mac lineup and multiple accessories at WWDC CORRECT

June 5: After nearly two years without an update, Apple to finally revamp Mac Pro next week CORRECT

This means that seven out of ten of his articles are correct.  When Fortune asked Gurman how he gets his stories, he avoided revealing his sources.  Some of his posts come from inside sources at Apple, but most of them are based on “shoe-leather reporting,” which includes going over Apple’s published documents and building a network of Apple developers and parts suppliers.  He is constantly contacting them for information.

Gurman is obviously worried about the attention he is receiving since Fortune and Bloomberg both reported about his skills as a reporter.  He is afraid that Apple will come after him.  However he is thrilled that Apple executives like senior VP Phil Schiller knows who he is.

Someone even called Schiller and said that he was Gurman.  The imposter asked for information about future Apple products.  Gurman got a call the next day from Apple PR saying that if he wanted information, then he should go through their department.