HireVue Raises $25 Million, Launches Talent Interaction Platform

Posted Oct 2, 2013

HireVue has announced that they have expanded their Talent Interaction Platform.  The company’s cloud-based platform helps employers find top talent, evaluate skills, and helps with the on-boarding process.  HireVue has partnered with Sequoia Capital and has raised $25 million in funding with participation from Kickstart Fund and existing investors.  Mickey Arabelovic of Sequoia is joining the HireVue board.

“Hiring and retaining great people is probably the single most important thing a company can do. But it’s also really hard and time consuming. Successive generations of HR systems have automated the hiring and talent management processes, but they’ve also sapped the soul out of them,” stated Arabelovic. “HireVue uses technology to put people back in the spotlight. We believe in HireVue’s vision of interpersonal interactions and are excited to be partners with them in building the next generation of HR technology.”

Some of HireVue’s offerings include HireVue for Sourcing (branded social media campaigns to modernize employment branding), HireVue for Screening (Screen candidates in less time and deeper insight with on-demand digital interviews), HireVue for Validation (Validates candidates ability to work during the recruiting process), HireVue For Interviewing (helps with final rounds after validating the skills), and HireVue for Onboarding (allows new hires to introduce themselves).

“What energizes us is the ability to infuse not only the human touch – but also efficiency, intelligence and accuracy – into talent interactions. HireVue is working to help companies and people better connect – saving millions of hours and dollars wasted on static, broken and impersonal processes,” added HireVue CEO and founder Mark Newman. “People everywhere deserve a chance to have a voice, tell their story and be heard.”