Hollywood.com Gets A Redesign, Web 2.0 Style

Posted Sep 26, 2008

Hollywood Media Corporation (NASDAQ:HOLL) has finally ditched their old design.  Their old design looked like it belonged in a time before the dot com bust.  The new Hollywood.com site looks more Web 2.0 styled and has advertising built around it in the same fashion as MySpace.  The homepage wallpaper is the most valuable advertising real estate.

Last month, Hollywood Media sold the domain and the rights to the company’s own Chairman and CEO.  Mitchell Rubenstein, founder of R&S Investments is also the CEO of
Hollywood Media.  He bought the business for $10 million.   Although the ownership changed, Hollywood Media still has the same goals for Hollywood.com.  To become a leading premier portal with a focus on movies and TV. 

The site has seven main categories.  These categories include TV, trailers, movies, celebrities, DVD, and fans.  Hollywood.com is also developing a Facebook widget [paidContent]. 

Hollywood Media is a publicly traded company with a market cap of $75.42 million. Below is a screenshot of the new site: