Homeland Security Wants Mozilla To Take Down MafiaaFire Redirector Add-On

Posted May 5, 2011

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has sent Mozilla a take-down request for the Firefox add-on called MafiaaFire Redirector. MafiaaFire Redirector allows Firefox users to access websites, whose domain names were taken down by the government over copyright issues. Mozilla responded by asking the government why they should remove the add-on. About two weeks have gone by without a response.

Mozilla asked why the add-on is considered unlawful and whether Mozilla is legally obligated to remove the add-on. Mozilla has not received a court order either. ?One of the fundamental issues here is under what conditions do intermediaries accede to government requests that have a censorship effect and which may threaten the open internet,? stated Mozilla lawyer Harvey Anderson.

A lot of the domains that were seized by the government have been relocated to other domains that the government cannot take down. The government has the ability to take down .com, .net, and .org domain names.