Honda Makes Huge LED Display Commercial Using Insight Cars

Posted Mar 30, 2009

Honda has put together an interesting commercial using the headlights of their Insight line of cars. The commercial is known as “Let it Shine” and it features the cars turning on their headlights at designated times to create an LED display of icons such as two smiley faces kissing and a heart. The idea for the commercial was put together by Wieden+Kennedy in Amsterdam.

A bunch of Insights are parked near a mountain and when the sun goes down, the lights begin to flicker. This commercial will not air in the U.S. so you’re lucky that YouTube has it and I embedded it above. The background music is “This Little Light of Mine” by Berend Dubbe. The commercial was directed by Erik van Wyk, Jeff Kling, John Norman, and Sue Anderson. The commercial first aired two days ago in Belgium.

[via Autoblog]