Horrible photo sharing site MyPhotoTube launches

Posted Jan 17, 2007

Besides an annoying name, MyPhotoTube has a bad UI and the site just seems lifeless. My Photo Tube is a photo sharing site where you can upload images and create albums to share with others. Itâ??s a very basic site with no special features and no use of AJAX or any other nifty Web 2.0 technology.

Here is the siteâ??s obscure description of its services:

â??myPhotoTube.com is a free and premium membership photo album hosting website. Our website is viewable by millions of internet users monthly all over the world. Our website is accessible by anyone with internet connection 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We try to provide 99.9% uptime at all times. Share your photos with family and friends anywhere around the world. myPhotoTube.com provides services for you to store your digital photos online. Share them with others by inviting them to view your album via linking html codes or email.�

MyPhotoTube offers free photo sharing as well as premium photo sharing. Premium accounts can store up to 1 GB of images and free accounts are limited to 50 MB of photo storage. A premium membership costs $25.00.I would be surprised if they can get even one premium account.

I do not understand why trashy sites like this pop up every once in a while. They are usually a waste of money for the founder and a waste of brain cells for visitors.