Hot Or Not Breaks Through The Bubble Burst & Gets Acquired!

Posted Feb 11, 2008

When I was a Senior at Huron High School in Ann Arbor around 2000-2001, one of the most talked about web sites in my Computer Science AP class was Hot Or Not. You upload a picture of yourself and people will rate whether you’re decent-looking cat or need to take a better angled picture. The site was so successful that other knock-offs started appearing like RateMyMullet, RateMyPoo, Goth Or Not, etc.

Hot Or Not was started by James Hong and Jim Young. The buyers of the company are Avid Life Media and have supposedly paid $20 million for it.  Around May 2007, Hot Or Not was averaging $600,000 per month in revenue made by premium accounts.  Both founders made about $20 million in the years that they were running Hot Or Not.  The founders started averaging 2-3 emails per day saying that they met their spouses on the site.

Hot Or Not was making around $5 million in revenue per year and $2 million in profit.  The site receives roughly 6-7 million unique users per month and 200 million page views.

[Information Source: TechCrunch]