Hotel Getting Caught Injecting Unauthorized Ads Into Websites

Posted Apr 8, 2012

Justin Watt was staying at a Courtyard Marriott in Manhattan earlier this week when he saw on his personal blog, there was a gap that was appearing at the top of the page. The mysterious line wasn’t just appearing on his website, but almost every other website he visited while on the hotel’s connection. It turns out that the hotel’s Internet connection was injecting lines of code on to every website so that it could insert ads into any website without the knowledge of the visitor.

Watt was disgusted by what the hotel was doing and said that he had never seen an Internet provider modify websites that they visit. ?Imagine the U.S.P.S., or FedEx, for that matter, opening your Amazon boxes and injecting ads into the packages,? said Watt.

The lines of code made references to “rxg,” which means Revenue eXtraction Gateway. RXG is a way to generate money from Internet access points. On the RG Nets website they point out that they have a service called Revenue eXtraction Gateway, which rewrites the system on every website on-the-fly so that they can include a banner ad.