How A Man Retrieved His Stolen iPhone Using OkCupid

Posted Jan 7, 2013

Nadav Nirenberg is a 27-year-old man from Brooklyn whose iPhone 4 was stolen recently.  Supposedly the thief was using Nirenberg’s iPhone to contact people on OkCupid.  Nirenberg was receiving e-mail alerts from OkCupid telling him that someone was using his account to send messages to girls on New Year’s Day.  Nirenberg lost his iPhone 4 on a cab ride during New Year’s Eve.  So Nirenberg created a fake profile using a fake picture of a beautiful 24-year-old woman.

After sending flirty messages back-and-forth, the two agreed to a meeting.  Nirenberg showed up with a hammer and $20.  Nirenberg gave the thief $20 and asked for his iPhone back.  The thief was holding a bottle of wine, was wearing a fancy coat, and was coated with a lot of cologne.

Nirenberg and his friend had grabbed the fake profile photo from Google Images of a woman smiling into a webcam with provocative clothes on.  The profile was captioned “Jennifer in BK.”  Nirenberg gave the address for his apartment and had used lots of “winks” and “smiley faces” so it would seem like a girl.

The plan almost did not work out after the robber asked for the woman’s phone number.  Nirenberg ended up saying ?Ha ha, who talks on the phone anymore??  Nirenberg is not going to be pressing charges because he just wanted his iPhone back.