How An 8 Year Old Reconnected Two Long Lost Siblings Using Facebook

Posted Jan 23, 2013

Clifford Boyson spent 6 decades looking for his long lost older sister Betty Billadeau.  The two were separated when they were young children in Chicago after being put into foster homes.  Clifford was not on Facebook and he tried other sources to find his sister.  He told his 8-year-old neighbor about the issues that came up when trying to find his sister.

Eddie Hanzlin, the 8-year-old, was able to find Boyson’s sister by searching for the word “Boyson” on Facebook.  An entry for a married woman that graduated from Fontebonne University in 1982 popped up.  The siblings connected via Facebook and then chatted on FaceTime.  The two reconnected shortly after.  This is just another example of how social media is great for connecting people.