How Blogger Andrew Sullivan Made Over $300,000 In One Day

Posted Jan 11, 2013

Andrew Sullivan is a blogger that made around $333,000 in one day working from home.  Sullivan has been blogging for years about all sorts of topics, but he focuses primarily on politics.  His blog is called the Daily Dish and it was a part of Daily Beast for a while.  He announced earlier this month that he was going to become independent from the Daily Beast to pursue a “freemium” model for his blog starting in February.

The terms were that you would be able to read any story for free if you landed there from a social media website.  You will be able to read most of his stories on his blog, but if you want to read his longer posts, you will not be able to click on “Read More” unless you pay $19.99 per year.

Around 12,000 readers paid the $19.99 and around 2,000 decided to add an extra $5.  Around 1,000 people decided to pay $50.  “On average, readers paid $8 more than we asked them to,” said Sullivan in a blog post.  Sullivan has a staff of around 7 people and they have a funding goal of $900,000 for the first year.