How College Professors Benefit From Using Facebook

Posted Feb 19, 2009

Dr. Paul Wiseman, a professor at McGill University in Canada signed up for Facebook in 2004 when a student introduced him to it.  There are currently well over 36,000 students on the McGill network on the social network, many of who end up taking a class with Wiseman.  Wiseman teaches about 1,000 undergrad students per year and now has over 1,300 friends.  He said he accepts almost anyone that adds him assuming that they took a class with him at one point.

?What is interesting is that now almost all of my requests come from high school or university friends, which shows how ubiquitous Facebook has become, and how it has changed,? stated Wiseman.

Wiseman added that Facebook could be used for more purposes than just social.  He used it for academic purposes when a science writer from Nigeria added him as a friend.  The science writer volunteers in a malaria clinic and added him after the lab that Wiseman uses created a new way to detect malaria infection in blood cells.

It might also help that Wiseman has a good rapport with his students. ?He was [my] chemistry professor in first year. Good guy, one of the best teachers I?ve had here. I?ve run into him at hockey games [both] at the Bell Centre and McGill,? stated U3 Physiology student Dan Beamer.