How Did I’m In Like With You Raise $1.5 Million Investment?

Posted Jun 26, 2008

I often times write blog posts about companies that raise money and immediately think to myself, “how could a company with an idea that an elementary schooler can come up with raise this much?”  I’m In Like With You is no exception. 

The site even boasts how many hours have been wasted on the site on each game: over 2 million on Draw My Thing itself.  I have to admit that the design of the site is pretty sweet, but $1.5 million for a site with a few Flash games is pretty substantial. 

What are they doing with the money?  Founder Charles Forman will be expanding the I’m In Like With You team starting with Poojitha Preena from Skype as the company’s COO.

The funding was led by Spark Capital.  Baseline Ventures, Betaworks, Ron Conway, and Marc Andreessen also participated in this round.  This is I’m In Like With You’s first round, but they received seed funding last year too.  I’m In Like With You used to be a social network for flirting before they switched to online gaming.

I’ve tried a couple of the games and they were sort of fun, but I became bored pretty quickly.  Sometimes the experience can be unpleasant because chatroom bots and send mass messages that prevent you from being able to communicate with other users.

I think I’m In Like With You is an interesting idea, but how will it continue to make itself useful to society in the long-run?  That’s the 1.5 million dollar question.

The website is located at: