How Facebook May Have Saved The Life Of This 4 Year Old With Leukemia

Posted Mar 13, 2011

The Daily UK posted a story earlier this month about how a Facebook photo may have saved the life of this 4 year old with leukemia. Philip Rice posted a photo of him and his son Ted on Facebook. He sent the picture to one of his doctor friends through Facebook. She said get him to the hospital right away because he might have leukemia.

The boy will go through chemotherapy over the next several years, but at least now he will have a fighting chance at life. Philip Rice, an anesthetic assistant, and his wife Sara both started worrying about Ted late last year.

“There were also the odd bruise and a few minor nosebleeds, but nothing out of the ordinary for an active four-year-old boy,” said Philip Rice. Then he noticed a purplish rash on the boy’s face when he went to sleep. It failed to fade when pressed.

Philip took a photo of the rash with his mobile phone and sent it to his friend and colleague Dr. Sara Burton at the Salford Royal Hospital through Facebook.