How Google Fiber And Robots Helped A Boy With Aplastic Anemia Throw A Pitch

Posted Jun 24, 2013

Google Fiber partnered with Oakland A’s pitcher Ryan Cook to help a boy with a weak immune system throw a pitch.  Nick LeGrande is a boy with aplastic anemia, which is a rare blood disorder that causes bone marrow to stop working.  The only time that 13-year-old LeGrande cried while in the hospital was when the boy was told that he could not play baseball.

LeGrande was able to throw a pitch at a game even though he was 1,800 miles away.

“After Google Fiber came to Kansas City, we began to look at how high speed Internet could impact lives.  Our search led us to Children’s Mercy Hospital.  That’s how we met Nick LeGrande,” said Google in the heartwarming video below:

Google Fiber decided to build a mini baseball field at their Kansas City campus for Nick to come to and a tele robotic pitching machine was placed in Oakland before the Oakland A’s-New York Yankees game. The telerobotic pitching machine emulated the action that LeGrande made when throwing the ball.