How Kanye West Manages His Blog

Posted Mar 18, 2009

Kanye West has one of the prominent blogs in the hip hop community.  What comes as a surprise is that it is updated multiple times every day.  He has been questioned several times about how he has time to manage his career and his blog at the same time.  Initially he claimed that everything he does on the blog is his own work, but now Kanye has come clean.

“I might [blog for] two hours in a day, it might be fifteen minutes in a day,” Kanye said in an interview. “I have two people that I hired and I tell them exactly what I want — it’s just like how a designer would work. I tell them, you know, Surface magazine, Wallpaper, Architectural Digest, Hypebeast, Bossip — go to these different blogs and keep on pulling information. And then they send it to me, and I get like 80 e-mails, and I have to check and go through them. And sometimes I’ll have my own stuff where I’ll just be in a cool place, like if I had my camera right now, I’d like photograph this stuff and go home and be really excited to blog it.”

There you have it, folks.  Kanye employs a team of other bloggers to make sure that his online presence is maintained.

[via RapBasement]