How Markus Thompson Used Google+ To Return Lost, Underwater Camera To Owner

Posted Nov 29, 2011

Above is a picture of a camera that fell to the bottom of Deep Bay. The camera has successfully been returned to its original owner because of the honest efforts of a nature photographer named Markus Thompson. Thompson found the Canon EOS 1000D during a scuba dive off the coast of Vancouver. After extracting and cleaning the SD card, he found that it was still functional. A large number of the vacation photos were from August 2010.

Thompson posted the following information to his Google+ account:

Approximately 50 pictures on the card from a family vacation. If you know a fire fighter from British Columbia whose team won the Pacific Regional Firefit competition, has a lovely wife and (now) 2 year old daughter ? let me know. I would love to get them their vacation photos 🙂

In just a few days, the owner contacted Thompson. The images and camera was returned to the original owner shortly after. This story is simply a testament to the success of Google+.