How Much Is My Car Worth? Here Are Some Tools To Help.

Posted Nov 13, 2012

I have a few friends that have gotten stressed out as they plan to start selling their car.  Electronics and cars have something in common.  People sell their old iPhone to collect money for buying a new iPhone.  This is the same with cars.  You may want to sell your 2001 Ford explorer to help pay for a 2012 Ford Escape.  What you do not want is to get ripped off.  When people want to buy a car from you, they can be very aggressive with the price and they will try their best to find every specific flaw in the vehicle to use in their negotiations.  Here are a few tools that you can use to answer the question “how much is my car worth?”


NADAGuides is one of the biggest go-to websites to find out the value of your car.  On the homepage of the website, you have the ability to find out car prices and used car values.

NADAGuides also has information and details about new and used cars.  There are expert reviews, consumer ratings, and consumer reviews.  You can search for new and used cars for sale on NADAGuides.

Kelley Blue Book

Kelley Blue Book is the standard guide to find out just how much your vehicle is worth.  The Kelley Blue Book helps you find out what you should pay for a new car or a used car.  This helps you benchmark what the value of your car.


PriceHub is a website that open sources the real selling prices for new and used cars and trucks.  If you are selling a new or used car, you can go to PriceHub to see the recent selling price for vehicles.  This is based on user-generated content with thousands of recent auto transactions.  You can search for the year, make, and model of the vehicle that you want to buy or sell.  PriceHub claims that Kelley Blue Book information is outdated and they have more relevant data on car value based by crowdsourcing information.


CARFAX is a website where you can search for vehicles based on a VIN number.  The VIN number lets you find out if your car has hidden problems.  This also helps you determine how much your car is worth.  If your car has been re-built after a major crash, then you would likely have to charge less than what is expected when selling it.


CarGurus is a website where you can find and share automotive knowledge.  You can compare thousands of car listings to find the best deals near you, research cars, and sell your car.  The website also has price trends, a Q&A section, and the ability to browse cars in the CarGurus user garages (social networking purposes). is a website that helps you find used cars and research the features of cars.  The website allows you to find deals near you and there is a car financing center.

eBay Motors

eBay Motors is a website where you can find a car or truck based on your zip code, the model, make, year, etc.  Based on what cars are selling for near you on eBay, you can benchmark how much your car is worth.


AutoTrader is one of the most prominent auto websites.  You can use AutoTrader to find cars for sale, conduct car research, sell your car, trade in your car, and find local dealers.  AutoTrader lets you apply for financing and compare insurance.  You can filter cars that are available for sale based on the model/make/year/etc.  This way you can find out roughly how much your car is worth also.

Yahoo! Autos and AOL Autos

Yahoo! Autos and AOL Autos are websites that lets you list cars for sale, find cars available in your area, get financing, and conduct research.  The websites allow you to find out how much your car is worth by searching for the same make and model has your vehicle that is selling on the market.  Yahoo! and AOL Autos are both working with a company called Detroit Trading Co. for their car-buying technology.  You can use this website to get a rough benchmark for how much your car is worth.


Edmunds lets you get free price quotes from dealers near you and search for inventory in your area.  The website also has car reviews, tips and advice, and forums.  One of the most best features on their website is their selling tips.