How Rodney Bradford Avoided Jail Time By Writing A Facebook Status

Posted Nov 13, 2009

At 11:49AM on Saturday October 17, Rodney Bradford updated his Facebook status from his father’s apartment in Harlem, New York. He wrote “where’s my pancakes” which is probably an inside joke that Bradford and some of his friends would understand. While Bradford was updating his Facebook status, a robbery was taking place near-by.

Bradford was arrested as being a suspect and it turns out that his Facebook status is what proved that he was innocent. Bradford’s attorney Robert Reuland told the Brooklyn Assistant District Attorney Lindsay Gerdes about the status update on Facebook. Gerdes sent a subpoena to Facebook about the status update and the social networking company in California replied that the status update was in fact written from his father’s home at 71 West 118th Street in Harlem, New York.

Bradford was thrilled that Facebook had proven that he was innocent. One of his latest Facebook status updates was “CALL ME FACEBOOK KID…” This is another way that social media has benefited the lives of people. For those of you who think updating Twitter or Facebook is a waste of time, I’d highly recommend reconsidering.