How The Digg Community Helped Neil Pasricha

Posted Apr 22, 2010

Neil Pasricha is a 30 year old guy that started a blog called 1,000 Awesome Things in June 2008. His goal was to write about one awesome thing every day. Adversity struck shortly after. Pasricha’s best friend committed suicide and his wife wanted a divorce. Many of Pasricha’s Awesome Things hit the homepage of Digg regularly, thus leading him to win a Webby award. He also landed a book deal.

Pasricha’s book “The Book of Awesome” is now out in stores. He gave a shootout to the Digg community in the book too. I’m actually a fan of the Digg community too. I made sure to tell former Digg CEO Jay Adelson that when I met him at the FutureMidwest conference this past weekend too. I will write more about that conference in depth this week.

[1,000 Awesome Things Book]