How The NASA Curiosity Mars Rover Used The Amazon Cloud

Posted Aug 11, 2012’s cloud computing services were used by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) to capture and store images and metadata collected from the Mars Exploration Rover and Mars Science Lab missions.  “At this point, JPL’s data centers are filled to capacity, so we’re looking for ways to cost effectively expand the computational horsepower that we have at our disposal,” stated JPL manager for data services Khawaja Shams. “Cloud computing is giving us that opportunity.”

NASA used AWS’s cloud to operate the website  The cloud enabled JPL to get images, videos, and other documents to the public very quickly without having to build their own infrastructure in-house.  Using AWS, NASA was able to build a scalable web infrastructure in only 2-3 weeks instead of months.

JPL has partnered with several cloud computing providers in the past including Microsoft, Google, and Lockheed.