How this small Michigan business uses Instagram to drive sales

Posted Jun 22, 2014

In Farmington Hills, Michigan, there is a business called Limelight Extensions. Limelight posts photos on Instagram and every time one is posted, the phone rings with potential customers that want to book appointments or ask hair extension questions.

Limelight co-owner Miranda Jade Plater even gets questions about a photo of herself that was uploaded a couple of months ago where she is wearing black curly hair extensions with the ends dyed bright orange. She said that this photo alone generated around $10,000 in sales, according to Crains.

“Without Instagram I couldn’t tell you where we would be right now,” she said in an interview with Crains.

Instagram, the photo social network acquired by Facebook in 2012, is becoming an important part of the social media strategy of small businesses. It it helping brands drive sales and gain more customers. Limelight works with local models and reality show stars to promote the company on their accounts. The payment is either a percentage of sales, a flat rate, or free hair.

[Source: Crains]