How To Create Folders For iPhone 4 Applications

Posted Jun 29, 2010

One of the most typical questions asked when purchasing an iPhone 4 is how do you create folders for applications.  Here is how you do it in a few simple steps.

1.) Place your finger and hold down an application that you would like to have grouped.  Once all of the icons wiggle decide which other application you would like to group with this one.  In the image above, I decided to select Calendar and Mail.

2.) Drag the initial icon on top of the other icon.  In this case I dragged the wiggling Mail icon on top of the Calendar icon.  A folder will be automatically created with a name.  You can change that name to anything you want.  In this case I named my folder Productivity.

3.) Tap the home screen button on the iPhone to make the apps stop wiggling.  Tap the home screen button on the iPhone again to see your folder in action as displayed below.