How To Disable Facebook Places

Posted Aug 20, 2010

I have been asked by a few friends about how to get rid of Facebook Places. Some people love sharing information about their location, but others aren’t too welcoming about this feature. In this tutorial, I will share information with you about how to disable the service.

Step 1:
Log in to Facebook from the web. Click on the Account drop-down menu and then click on Privacy Settings. Generally the Custom section is already selected. You will notice that there is a section called “Places I check in to.”

Step 2:
Click on Customize Settings

Step 3.
You can turn off “Include me in People Here Now” after I check in by removing the checkmark where it says Enable.

Step 4.
Click on the “Places I check in to” drop-down menu and click Custom. After that you can select yourself as the only person that check-ins will be visible too. You can also hide this feature from specific people if you are worried about seeing the information.

Step 5. In the Privacy Settings Console, you will notice a section called “Things others share.” Within that privacy settings area, you will see a feature called “Friends can check me in to Places.” Disable that.

Step 6. After Steps 1-5, the last step is disabling your locations through Facebook applications. Go to the “Applications and Settings” option at the bottom of the Privacy Settings page within Facebook. Go to “info accessible through your friends.” Then click on “Edit Settings.” You will see a lot of boxes–disable the box that says “Places I’ve visited.”

After that, you can rest assured that Facebook Places is disabled within your Facebook account.