How To Download Your Photos, Videos, Wall Posts, Messages, and Information From Facebook

Posted Oct 12, 2010

Just in case you missed out on the tutorial about how to download all of your messages, videos, pictures, wall posts, etc. from Facebook — I thought I would provide you with a simple tutorial. Here is step-by-step guide on how to do it:

1. Click the Account drop-down menu at the top right and click on the Account Settings.

2. Go to the section where it says “Download Your Information.” Click on “Learn More.”

3. You will be taken to the Download page. Click on the Download button and hit the Download button again after a pop-up appears.

4. After hitting the Download button, Facebook will start to prepare all of your content into one single file. Then Facebook will e-mail you once they are done. It will be sent to the same e-mail address that you log in to Facebook with.

5. Once you click the link sent to your e-mail, you will be asked to verify your Facebook password. After typing in your password, click on Continue and then click Download now.

6. A ZIP file will be downloaded to your computer. After double-clicking on the ZIP file, it should automatically be unzipped in the same location as the ZIP file.

7. Within the unzipped Facebook folder, there is an index.html file that shows a simple version of your profile. It contains the data for your profile, wall, photos, videos, friends content, notes, events, and messages that was there before you started the download.

Below is a video demo of how to go about downloading your information from Facebook: