How To Import Your Delicious Bookmarks Into Springpad

Posted Dec 27, 2010

Yahoo! Inc. (NASDAQ:YHOO) has made it clear that they are not shutting down Delicious, but they are interested in spinning them off or selling it. Because of this recently developed news about Delicious, users have been actively finding ways to import their bookmarks into other services. Springpad is now offering a seamless solution for importing your Delicious bookmarks. Here is how to do it.

Below are instructions from the Springpad blog:
1. Login to your Delicious account, then go to Settings -> Export / Backup Bookmarks to export your bookmarks. Springpad will import your tags & notes, so be sure to include them in your export.
2. Log in to your Springpad or go here to create a new account
3. Follow the instructions for uploading your Delicious bookmarks ? You will be prompted when the upload is complete!