How To Prevent iOS 6 From Importing Contact Info

Posted Sep 20, 2012

When people use the Facebook contact sync feature that is integrated in Apple iOS 6, it will pull in the photos, phone numbers, and e-mails for their friends.  The problem is that it may swap out existing contact info that you have for your friends with information that is stored on Facebook.  This includes e-mail addresses.  By default Facebook gave everyone and e-mail address, which messages them on the social network rather than e-mailing them.

Below is what a Facebook spokeswoman said about it:

?Facebook?s integration into Apple?s iOS6 will allow people to sync their Facebook friends? profile information to their Contacts. This means that any visible email address on your friends? timelines will be synced to your phone. If you already have an existing email address for that contact, any additional address from Facebook will be added to it. You can always control which email addresses get synced by selecting your preferred visibility setting next to your contact information section on your timeline.?

So how do you prevent iOS 6 from importing e-mail addresses?  Below are some steps at highlighted by TechCocktail and TechCrunch:

  1. On your Facebook profile, click on ?About ? on the left side below your cover photo.
  2. On the bottom right side, click on ?Edit? in the Contact Info section.
  3. Next to any personal email addresses that you want people to see on Facebook, switch ?Hidden from Timeline? to ?Shown on Timeline? on the right dropdown menu.
  4. Just to the left, select which groups of people can see that email address with the privacy control.
  5. Hide your address if you don?t want email messages going to your Facebook messaging inbox (which I rarely check).