Facebook Finally Adds Pre-Approval For Photo Tagging

Posted Aug 23, 2011

Facebook now allows you to pre-approve photos before it shows up on your profile by accepting or declining it in your pending posts.  With Pending Posts, now you can approve or decline any photo or post you are tagged in before it is visible to anyone else on your Profile, not on Facebook.  This does not remove the tag itself.  As of right now, your friends can add your name to a photo without your approval. You would have to remove it later if you do not like the photo. This is how you set up Pending Posts:

An icon will appear in the content that is on your profile, which includes your hometown, your latest photo album, etc. The icon is a drop-down menu that lets you control who can see certain parts of your profile.  You can control the privacy of all of that information through that icon.

To set up Pending Posts:

1. Go to Account > Privacy Settings > Manage How Tags Work > Change Settings.
2. Click to edit your Tag Review setting.
3. Turn on Tag Review.

Three options have been added to photo tags if you do not like them:
1.) Remove the tag your friend created, 2.) ask your friend to take the photo down, and to 3.) block your friend.

Facebook also changed the word “Everyone” to “Public.” This allows you to control what the public can see and what only your friends can see including status messages, photos, etc.

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