How To Setup Facebook Timeline

Posted Dec 15, 2011

Facebook has announced today that the Timeline feature is now available for every user. Facebook Timeline is an entirely new way to set up your profile. Your Timeline showcases your most important moments. The Facebook Timeline allows you to show a 7-day review period of your life. You can also feature certain stories and hide certain stories.

In order to feature a certain story, click on the star next to that post. To hide or delete a story, click on the pencil icon and click Hide from Timeline:

You can also adjust the standard drop-down to adjust who can see your posts:

The Facebook Timeline feature has a new tool called the Activity Log. The activity log lets you review all your posts and activities from today all the way back until you started using Facebook. There are two drop-down menus next to year story to let you adjust the privacy of your post.

To set up your Facebook Timeline profile now, follow these steps:

1.) Go to this website:
2.) Click on “Get Timeline” at the bottom.
3.) When previewing your profile, click on Publish now: