How To Unlike Many Pages On Facebook At Once

Posted Aug 24, 2011

If you are like me, you must have “Liked” many pages on Facebook and now those Pages have taken over your News Feed, which makes you extremely annoyed. The problem is that Facebook doesn’t seem to have a separate section that shows you everything that you have Liked that would have made it easy for you to remove the pages from News Feed. Here are a few simple ways to “Unlike” many Pages at once:

Step 1

1.) Click on your profile
2.) Click on “Info” on the left navigation pane.
3.) Scroll down to “Arts and Entertainment” and click “Edit”

4.) Click on the first result of a certain category and then hit delete and then keep hitting “Delete” until that field is clear.

Facebook only appears to allow you to easily remove Music artists, books, movies, TV shows, and Games in the Arts and Entertainment section. If you want to unsubscribe to sports teams, go to the Sports section.

Step 2

The problem I was having is that I wanted to Unlike local radio stations, politicians, blogs, DJ profiles, etc. Facebook did not provide a way for me to do this all at once. They only give the ability to go to the individual Pages and click Unlike.

However, I stumbled upon an application called MyLikesBox. This shows you every single page that you have Liked. It also gives you an easy way to Unlike them. If you accidentally click Unlike on a Page, the app lets you Like it again. You just have to make sure to give MyLikesBox permission to access your profile. This is what it looks like:

If you find another easier way to Unlike a lot of Pages at once, please let us know in the comments.