How To Update Blog Posts Using SMS

Posted Oct 12, 2010

Automattic, the parent company of has added SMS text messaging support for the blog platform (note: this service is only available to U.S. users as of right now). There are free SMS features and there are paid features.

The free features are:
– Receive SMS when users are added or removed
– Receive SMS when theme changes
– Receive SMS when privacy settings are changed

The upgraded ($20 per year features) are:
– Protect your blog using two-step login process. A text message will be sent to your phone upon login with a passcode that must be entered to access the Dashboard
– SMS notifications of new comments and the ability to moderate them using a text message reply
– SMS notification when a new post is published to the blog
– Text message can be a new post

To get started, go to the “Text Messaging” section on the blog Dashboard and register your phone with the service. Activate the feature and select the text messaging features that you want to use for your blog.

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