How To Waste $5 Million: Buy WallStrip And Then Shut It Down

Posted Jan 8, 2009

WallStrip is one of the cheesiest video programs on the Internet right now.  In October 2008, one of the last clips that WallStrip made a “Happy 2 Year” video.  When blowing the candle on the cake, one of the hosts wished for another successful season of WallStrip.  It turns out that this wasn’t going to happen.

“A source familiar with the situation says that Wallstrip owner CBS Interactive plans to “take the DNA from WallStrip and apply it” to fellow CBS property BNet. No word on if that DNA includes current WallStrip host Julie Alexandria, or past host Lindsay Campbell (whose subsequent CBS show MobLogic also hasn’t published since Dec. 12),” according to Portfolio.

CBS Corporation (NYSE:CBS) acquired WallStrip for about $5 million in May 2007.  Angel investors in WallStrip include Fred Wilson and Howard Lindzon.  The last episode of WallStrip was called Auto Bailout and was launched on December 12.

[via Portfolio]