HTC Dream With Google Android Unveiling On September 23; In Stores By October

Posted Sep 17, 2008

Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG) is nearing the release date of Android and consumers are ready for something new.  We want more options than the Apple iPhone OS, Windows Mobile, Garnet OS, and Symbian.  Wait no longer because Google is unveiling their new mobile operating system on September 23rd.  T-Mobile sent an invite to publishers with an invitation to a press conference in New York on that day.  Google Android won’t be landing on stores until October though.

The HTC Dream will be the first phone that has Android built-in.  After the HTC Dream, T-Mobile will start selling other phones that has Android built-in.  The HTC Dream will have a touch-screen and a slide-out keyboard.  Below is a leaked picture of the device found on Wired.  Google will be making Android available on open source through the Apache free-software license.

The Android Market is expected to open for business around the same time that the phone hits the store shelves.  Some of the apps that will be available in upon the initial launch of the Android Market will include GPS Test, Slide Puzzle, Translate, Talking Compass, Text-to-Speech Library, and Barcode Scanner.