HTC Looks To China To Stabilize Plummeting Sales

Posted Aug 14, 2012

HTC is continuously losing market share to companies like Apple and Samsung.  Now HTC is turning to China to help stabilize their plummeting sales.  HTC is expanding their engineering and sales teams in China with the hopes of becoming one of the top two smartphone brands there by 2015 said HTC’s head of China operations Ray Yam in an interview with The Wall Street Journal.  In Q1 2012, HTC was ranked number 9 in China in terms of market share at 2.6% while Samsung was dominating at 24.9%.  In Q2 2012, HTC’s market share tripled from 2.6% to over 6%.  ?I do believe HTC has all the elements for success?but we need to be cautious and we need to make every step right, if we make one wrong step, then it will take us a much longer time to recover,? said Yam.