The HTC One With Stock Android Is Coming June 26th For $599

Posted May 30, 2013

At the D11 conference, Sundar Pichai, has confirmed that the HTC One with a stock version of the Google Android operating system will arrive on June 26th for a price of $599.  The phone will be available through the Google Play store.  The unlocked version of the HTC One will run on T-Mobile and AT&T in the United States and supports LTE.

The HTC One with Android will contain 32GB of built-in storage and Google will manage the future software updates.  The HTC One with Android will be available in the U.S. initially and supported on GSM networks.  The HTC One will run on Android 4.2.2 out of the box and will be known as the “Nexus user experience.”

Below is a chart that compares the SIM unlocked version versus the developer edition and Nexus experience edition as seen on the HTC blog: